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Unifying your company’s technology through innovative solutions.

Coffee & Kilobytes Podcast

M-Theory’s podcast connects technology within the education landscape with the aim to democratize tech learning. Our team explores a broad spectrum of technology topics, from coding and artificial intelligence, to cybersecurity, cloud computing, and even the societal implications of technological advancements.

  • In the latest episode of the Coffee & Kilobytes Podcast we go over the final stage in M-Theory’s EMContinuum certification process.
  • We cover uploading the proper documents to get reimbursed for your certification exam fees and an overview of the behind-the-scenes automation. 

 Our mission is to break down complex technical jargon into understandable and enjoyable content, thereby bridging the gap between experts and novices. Our podcasts are hosted by industry professionals and technology leaders, who share their knowledge and insights in engaging and interactive formats. We believe that by making tech education more accessible and engaging, we can inspire more people to participate in the digital revolution and cultivate a more technologically literate society.

chArm Team

Sarkis Vartanian

Starship Leader

Sahak Dulguerian


Shant Dikran

Smooth Automator

Margo Vartanian


chArm Proficiencies

Our team is equiped with a variety of skill sets. Our developers Shant and Sahak use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, VBA, C++, and Linux as our prefered programming langages, operating systems and tech stacks. We also have our amazing expert copywriter, creative developer, social media manager Margo!

Developing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

We customize your Dynamics 365 software to match the specific requirements of your business. From personalizing forms, fields, and entities, to developing complex workflows and business processes, we create a unique digital environment to effectively serve operations. Integrating the flexibility your businesses needs to effectively enhance customer relationship management, sales, or service operations is our main mission, and MSFT Dynamics helps us execute.

Your Business, Our Speciality

We use holistic cyber strategies to ensure all facets of your business succeed. By looking at the big picture of your goals, purpose, and functionings, we’re able to create the daily tech efficiencies specifically to your KPIs. Together, we go further, do better, and stay safer.