Gartner forecasts $1 trillion in IT spending on the shift to the cloud within the next five years. Another report from Unisys reveals that 72% of the 200 survey respondents say that the CIO of their organization is heading the movement to the cloud. According to the 2016 Q2 report of Synergy Research Group, the overall growth of cloud infrastructure service market is 51%, and the tracking of twelve-month revenues are close to $28 billion.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was unsurprisingly ranked first in the Synergy Research Group report, followed by Microsoft, IBM, and Google. The growth of cloud infrastructure service revenues in the second quarter of 2016 is 68% for the big four companies, 41% for the next 20 largest cloud providers like Alibaba, and 27% for all the other smaller providers like M-Theory Group.

As Sid Nag, research director at Gartner said, “IaaS continues to be the strongest-growing segment as enterprises move away from data center build-outs and move their infrastructure needs to the public cloud.” He also added, “Certain market leaders have built a significant lead in this segment, so providers should focus on creating differentiation for success.”

Niche service providers such as M-Theory Group differentiates itself from other infrastructure-as-a-service providers by providing exclusive and revolutionary CapEx-as-a-Service™ (CaaS™) model. This solution, changes any technology infrastructure CAPEX purchase into a monthly OPEX subscription, blending the benefits of both purchasing methods. CaaS™ allows businesses to acquire custom built, single-tenant cloud services that meet their unique business requirements through OPEX monthly subscription payment model.

M-Theory Group offers the agility that is often absent from larger and more generalized players. It also provides:

  • Flexibility – Don’t be forced to choose from a set menu of services; M-Theory will work with you to address your specific needs;
  • Unconditional white glove treatment – We treat each of our clients with the same high-level service, regardless of size or spend;
  • Feature rich – M-Theory automatically bundles the features you need as part of your service. This means there are no excessive line item charges with each additional feature.

IT departments have a variety of infrastructure service providers to choose from. Some may think that going with the largest or most established vendor is the best way to go, but that’s not always true. For the technology to provide business value, it is crucial to bond the technology to your specific business goals. Not all providers are created equal. So it is important to find a service provider that will best satisfy both the technical needs of your environment and the business needs of your organization.