cloudCENTRX – DRaaS

Secure & Flexible Backup & Disaster Recovery Cloud Solutions

M-Theory Group’s secure cloud backup integrated with Veeam Cloud Connect technology offers an easy and cost-effective solution for your on-premise private cloud appliance or your secure offsite managed replication services and archiving needs. Trust M-Theory’s skills, infrastructure, experience and network to simultaneously support every platform from the cloud to the desktop under a single contract, no matter where the location.


Resilience solutions across all environments

Concurrent support for legacy recovery & Cloud based DRaaS

Ready 24/7 access to highly credentialed technical staff

Enterprise security architected from the ground up

Fully managed service options to reduce resource requirements


On-Premise Private Cloud Appliance – Delivering Local On-Premise Level Backup and Recovery Services
  •  24×7 Unified Infrastructure Monitoring and Managed Services Support
  •  Managed and Scaled On-Premise
  •  Predictable Monthly OpEx

Additional Veeam Licensing: $12.95/VM

Secure Offsite Backup & Recovery Managed Replication Services
  •  24×7 Unified Infrastructure Monitoring and Managed Services Support
  •  Managed and Scaled On-Premise
  •  Veeam Cloud Connect – Managed File Sync
  •  Managed Business Continuity
  •  Predictable Monthly OpEx

Managed Onsite Appliance with Managed Services Support

  •  dataREALM Appliance
  •  Managed Offsite Enterprise DRaaS Cloud Services
  •  DR Integrity Testing, Restore Testing
  •  24/7 Support
  •  Infrastructure Monitoring via CA -Tech Unified Infrastructure Management
  •  Monthly Reporting
  •  Emergency DR Restoration Services-On Premise and Cloud
  •  Managed Discovery
  •  Managed File Level Restores
  •  Daily Reporting of Backup Status (Prem & Cloud, if Applicable)
  •  Client Portal

Veeam Availability Suite is Veeam’s flagship backup solution that enables Intelligent Data Management that is simple, flexible and reliable. Businesses of all sizes, from small startups to the largest enterprises achieve complete data protection, with high availability and reduced downtime.

  • Data Loss Avoidance: Low RPOs and streamlined disaster recovery
  • Verified Recoverability: Guaranteed recovery of every file, application or virtual server, every time
  • Leveraged Data: Using backup data and storage snapshots to create an exact copy of your production environment
  • Complete Visibility: Proactive monitoring, alerting and intelligent automation to prevent issues before operational impact


VeeamAvailability Suite 9.5 delivers scalability and performance to the hybrid cloud:

  • Availability for ALL your apps and data
  • Exceeding SLA’s
  • Optimizing IT spend

Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 New Features


M-Theory group offers flexible pricing for cloudCENTRX Services. The price will depend on the number of services (multiple services offer a bundle discount) and the complexity of customization.

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