vREALM (Voice Realm)

Single Tenant Managed Hosted Utilizing Cisco Unified Communications


Leading The Way In Collaboration

Transform your business processes and reduce costs with interactive high-quality, business grade high-definition video communications

Your business must meet the needs of a wide range of users who can have different communication styles and preferences for how they conduct their work

Today’s workforce is more geographically dispersed, spanning different time zones, which enable collaboration beyond traditional work hours

Leading The Way In Collaboration

Cisco Business Edition

Packed Collaboration For Companies Of Every Size

Cisco Unified Communications Manager – 
Call Control Basic Functions

Call processing

Signaling and device control

Dial plan administration

Phone feature administration

Directory services

Programming interface to 
external applications

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> Soft phone support for up to 8 lines

> Standards-based video interoperability

> Directory integration

> Advanced phone controls

Cisco Unified Cisco Business Edition 6000 Features

Single cluster centralized design – Makes the solution simpler to deploy and easier to manage from a centralized site while saving on infrastructure components. In the single cluster centralized design, each remote site connects to the headquarters site through a WAN and each site receives call processing features from the headquarters location

Phone auto-registration – Automatically registers phones for quick and easy deployment

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration – Uses an LDAP directory integration option in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CM) and Cisco Unity Connection for designs that require a single source of information for user management

North American Numbering Plan – Allows you to choose between two North American Numbering Plans as part of the path selection for public switched telephone network (PSTN) destinations. Dial plans from other countries can easily be imported using the configuration tool included with this guide

Uniform on-net dial plan – Uses endpoint addressing that consists of a uniform on-net dial plan containing 4-digit extensions. An optional access code and 2-digit or 3-digit site codes are available with local site 4-digit dialing

Local route groups Uses local route groups in order to reduce the number of route patterns required to provision Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) gateways for all sites

Class of service – Provisions class of service (CoS) categories with the use of partitions and calling search spaces in order to allow emergency, local, long distance and international dialing capabilities

Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) – Provides failover at each remote site by standard SRST for SIP and Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) phones

Device Mobility – Uses the Device Mobility feature, which allows Cisco Unified CM to determine the physical locations of devices

Server Load Balancing – Load-balances phones across Cisco Unified CM redundancy groups on a phone-by-phone basis

Extension Mobility – Uses the Cisco Extension Mobility feature for all phones, which enables users to assign a Cisco Unified IP Phone as their own or move from phone-to-phone within the organization

Extend and Connect – Allows administrators to rapidly deploy UC Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications that interoperate with any endpoint. Newer UC solutions are interoperable with legacy systems, so customers can migrate to newer UC solutions over time as existing hardware are depreciated

Media Resources – Provisions individual media resources, such as conference bridges for every site

Call Admission Control – Provides location-based Call Admission Control (CAC) for a typical hub-and- spoke WAN environment

Voice Messaging – Provisions Cisco Unified CM for voice messaging integration and documents the Cisco Unity Connection configuration

Instant Messaging and Presence – Provisions Cisco Unified CM IM and presence service integration and documents the Cisco Unified Presence configuration

Point-to-Point Video – Enables point-to-point video between two participants with video endpoints

Jabber: The Calling Workhorse

vRealm gives you the monthly subscription plan of a public VoIP Provider with the quality, privacy, security and premium hardware that only a boutique can offer

* No upfront costs – just a manageable monthly payment!!

This proprietary method allows you to choose the phone system that meets your requirements without being limited to existing technical skills or financial constraints

Cisco IP Phone & Handsets Options

Cisco IP Phone 7841


/user/per month

Cisco IP Phone 8851


/user/per month

Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832


/user/per month

Cisco Wireless IP Phone


/user/per month

Pricing Based on Minimum 25 Users – Call for Custom Proposal