Los Angeles, CA (May 26, 2016) – Singularity Ventures Inc., the parent company of M-Theory Group, best known for their proprietary model CapEx-as-a-Service™ (CaaS™), has completed an acquisition of a 10-year-old data center / colocation business located in Los Angeles, California. The data center is an approximately 22,000 square foot, raised floor, fully compliant, AT101, SOC 2, TYPE II, audited facility. M-Theory Group has entered into a long-term joint venture agreement with the current operator to expand its reach, as well as product and service offerings nationwide.

“This acquisition will provide a major expansion in our single tenant private cloud and disaster recovery solutions, which will allow us to challenge head on our largest competitors.  We have always envisioned a world where we can design and deliver each rack with a customized enterprise solution, built to client’s requirements” said Chant Vartanian, CEO of M-Theory Group.  “The compelling advantage of CapEx-as-a-Service™ over its competitors is that each client can utilize a single tenant private cloud delivered on-premise as a true managed utility model.  We are all excited and proud of this accomplishment” added Mr. Vartanian.

According to ZDNET, when it comes to cloud, 50% of CIOs and CEOs prefer to keep it private. In addition a Unisys survey showed that 60% of CIOs and CEOs feel their biggest challenge is adequate security. In regard to this M-Theory’s CEO said “With CaaS™ we can deliver any available security offering on a monthly OpEx subscription model managed as-a-Service, either on-premise or wherever the client chooses.  This gives CIOs and CEOs the flexibility to select specific technology.  We are delivering a model that combines the benefits of both CapEx and OpEx. We are confident that our model directly competes with the Big-4 cloud service providers, through competitive pricing and redefining how enterprises consume and deploy cloud infrastructure. We believe that we provide the most efficient and cost effective cloud strategy in the marketplace today”.

About CapEx-as-a-Service™ | CaaS™

CaaS™, created by M-Theory Group’s CEO Chant Vartanian, is a method of delivering cloud infrastructure in a modular OpEx fashion. CaaS™ takes optimal practices in design, scalability, and efficiency packaging everything into an operationally repeatable and efficient solution. Traditional cloud computing offers similar features but it has limitations in scalability, customization, privacy, as well as compliance.

CaaS™ allows the conversion of CapEx to OpEx combining custom products, appliances and services which are not typically offered in any other model of acquisition. Examples being; infrastructure and solutions required at the premise level, end-point devices, security solutions, networking etc.

CaaS™ offers businesses a private turnkey solution with all the benefits and flexibility of the public cloud by offering financial flexibility, agility, scalability, IT support, and modularity. Caas™ also offers the security and compliance that only an in-house Enterprise IT company can provide with the customization that only a CapEx model can typically deliver.

CaaS™ allows you a hands on approach to your private cloud infrastructure. Delivering private enterprise level managed cloud solutions such as; LAN/WAN networks, security, desktop/mobile solutions, disaster recovery, VoIP, and on/off-premise based storage.

CaaS™ delivers all Mission Critical cloud infrastructure on-premise, at our data center, or any other compliant colocation of your choice.

Compliancy Centric – CaaS™ is the only known managed cloud offering that is 100% private in every capacity. It meets HIPAA, PCI, PHI, SOX, FISMA, and all known compliancy stipulations that relate to technology.

CaaS™ is a simple concept that is extremely scalable and has infinite use cases, at the same time it sparks innovation, inspires visionaries, and has a direct positive impact on a businesses bottom line.

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About M-Theory Group

M-Theory’s mission is to disrupt the traditional methodology of technology acquisition. As a dynamic emerging growth company, we aim to deliver innovative technology solutions that serve multiple verticals such as Finance, IT, Healthcare, Venture Community, Manufacturing, Software, Business Services, Entertainment, Legal, Gaming, and Telecommunications. With privacy, compliancy, and redundancy as our mantra, M-Theory provides enterprises the ability to obtain, maintain and sustain their Mission Critical technology initiatives.

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